Tips for successful winter days out

Winter isn’t quite upon us yet but the days are certainly shorter, darker, and a lot colder than they were a few months ago. The idea of getting out for a healthy, refreshing walk isn’t quite so attractive as it was in the summer either, but winter days out have their own charm. For a start, the crowds usually stay at home so it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors in real peace and quiet. Here are a few tips for those who want to keep getting out over the winter months:

-Take a flask of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, or choose a park with a tea room (there is no shortage of these). A good hot drink can go a long way towards warming up chilly hands and it’s well known that tea drunk when you’re cold and a little tired is the best-tasting tea of all.

-If the weather is uncertain, have a backup plan. Gardens with an open house or museum are perfect because you can always duck inside if it gets too cold or starts to rain.

-Even if it’s not likely to rain, a waterproof jacket can be used to cut out the wind that would otherwise go straight through an ordinary jumper.

-Wear appropriate footwear. In winter paths and pavements can be icy. Sturdy shoes or boots with good grip can make a big different to your stability and safety, and nobody likes having wet feet.

-Winter days out in South Wales can be just as spectacular as summer days. When it’s just cold and grey in Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea the Brecon Beacons and the higher hills of Gwent can be coated in a fine, beautiful coat of snow. Don’t forget your camera!