Swansea parks and gardens

South Wales isn’t just about Cardiff. Swansea a rich history, culture, and landscape of its own, and do the other towns and cities in this area. Swansea parks may not be as well known as the famous parks of its bigger sister, but nonetheless there is plenty of scope for outdoor activities around the city. First and perhaps foremost, there’s Swansea Bay, reputed to be one of the best places to watch the sun set in the whole of the UK.

Locals also love the Mumbles, just along the bay from the city itself. It’s a good spot for exploring rock pools, having picnics, and enjoying a summer icecream. Southend Gardens is a few minutes walk from the sandy beach, and one of the best situated of all Swansea parks. Clynne Gardens shouldn’t be missed either- this Green Flag park is excellent for families or just those seeking a little peace and quiet.

Of course, Swansea’s proudest open space is beyond the city limits. Gower Peninsula recognised across the country for beautiful beaches, wildlife, and stunning limestone cliffs. Walkers, surfers, and rock climbers come from far and wide, and seals often come in to take a look at the human visitors and do a little relaxing on the rocks. In a very real sense, it’s Swansea’s garden.

Gower Heritage Centre is the ideal place to start an exploration of this beautiful area, and they offer tours that take in the very best spots from beaches to cliff tops to ancient monuments (of which Gower has a number). The Centre itself is a great place to take kids, too, especially when it’s too cold or rainy for a trip to the beach.