South Wales country parks

If there is one thing South Wales has plenty of, it’s pleasant scenery- rolling hills capped with turf, woods, or thick bracken, with fast flowing rivers and streams making their way down to the valleys below. We have countless acres of open areas where visitors and locals are free to roam on foot, on bicycles, and sometimes even on horseback or down the rivers by kayak or canoe. The country parks of South Wales make this one of the best places in the UK to spend time in the great outdoors.

There are country parks scattered across the Valleys. Some, like Parc Taf Bargoed, Cosmeston Lakes and Rhondda Heritage Park, are former industrial sites that still retain historical interest as well as making a good place for a walk or a bike ride. Others, like Bryn Bach Park near Tredegar, are busy activity centres that offer everything from remote controlled boat racing to extreme sports experiences for kids and adults. A few have- the woodland park above Castell Coch, for example- have sculpture trails or art exhibitions for visitors to enjoy along with the natural beauty of the park itself. Other South Wales country parks were once the grounds of grand manor houses (see Cottrell Park or Craig y Nos). They are many and varied, and each one offers something different.

Instead of sticking with your local park for walks and quiet enjoyment, why not branch out and visit a country park you’re not so familiar with? You never know what you might find!