Parks for kids

The parks around Cardiff and Swansea can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, but sometimes it can be hard to persuade today’s youngsters that walking around a beautifully laid out garden is more fun than staying at home with the Playstation. It helps if there is a little something extra on offer, so here are a few ideas to make local parks more attractive to kids:

-Feed the ducks. Take a bag of stale biscuits or old bread with you on a trip to Cyfarthfa Park or Roath Park and you’ll soon be making friends with a host of ducks and swans. This is a great activity for very small children. In fact, feeding the ducks is the first wildlife experience most of us had, so it shouldn’t be underestimated!

-Go biking. Parc Taf Bargoed is much more than a pretty place to wander. It’s also the perfect place for a family cycle. The well-kept path runs through a beautiful Valleys setting and you won’t have to worry about cars. Even the smallest kids can cycle in safety. For those who want to be even more adventurous, there is an indoor rock climbing centre in the park too.

-Pick a new play area. Most kids love their local playground, but after a while it may not seem as exciting as it once did. Happily it’s not just municipal parks that are well set up for active play. There is always somewhere new to go, like the Old Station in Tintern. The grown-ups can enjoy the stunning Wye Valley setting and the younger members of the family can really get to grips with a new set of play equipment.