Parks and gardens near Newport

Newport may not be best known for its parks and gardens, but there are a number of really outstanding public gardens in the area. Many of them are completely free to visit, and most have historical interest too. It’s not just about having a nice place to walk around and enjoy the fresh air, although there’s nothing wrong with that!

Many of the finest Newport parks were laid out in the Victorian era and retain some beautiful original features (not to mention classic designs that are just as attractive today as the day they were first planted). Some, like Beechwood Ornamental Park, were intended as the grounds to grand private houses and then gifted to the people or opened up for public use later. Beechwood Park covers a massive 30 acres- more than even the most active family could explore in a whole day. Others, like Belle View Gardens, were designed as public parks with bandstands, pavilions, and carefully crafted promenades. Both of those parks are free.

Tredegar House is just outside Newport, but still very much one of this area’s favourite attractions. While intimately associated with the coal years, the house is in fact much older than this. The oldest surviving sections date back to the 16th Century. The house and the gardens are open to the public, so there are indoor and outdoor things to do here. There’s enough to please the most avid garden buff or anyone with an interest in local history.


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