Dewstow Gardens

The Parks and Gardens of South Wales are really some of the country’s  hidden gems.

None more so than Dewstow Gardens, near Chepstow.  The gardens were originally built around the turn of the 20th century and included all the things you’d expect in gardens – rockeries, ponds, water features and loads of plants and shrubs etc. But the highlight was a subterranean world of tunnels and grottoes housing many tropical and unusual plants.

Over the years the gardens fell into disrepair and the tunnels and grottoes were filled in and forgotten about. That is until the start of the 20th century when the land’s new owners started clearing the land. Curiosity got the better of them so they started digging and were amazed to discover the network of tunnels that had laid undiscovered for over 50 years.

A massive restoration project was undertaken and today the gardens have been restored to their former glory so that we can enjoy what was hidden away for decades.

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