Autumn foliage in South Wales woodlands

Winter is just around the corner but it’s not all bad. At this time of year the weather might be taking a turn for the chillier and the nights drawing in, but we do get to enjoy the gorgeous autumn leaves. South Wales is lucky enough to have large areas of broadleaved woodland (Cwm George Woods near Dinas Powys, for example) and these are at their most beautiful in this season. Reds, oranges, and browns mix with the few remaining greens and the results are often spectacular.

Arboretums are also at their best right now. Take a visit to Caldicot Park or even Bute Park and you’ll see a completely different picture to what was on show a few months ago at the height of summer. Don’t forget your camera!

An autumn walk through a South Wales woodland park has other attractions too. It’s the peak season for mushrooms and fungi, and a good time to spot busy squirrels getting ready for the long, cold winter ahead. Apples and some nut trees are fruiting too. There is usually plenty to see, even though it might not be quite so warm and sunny any more.

Around here autumn colour isn’t just about trees either. Many of the country parks near Cardiff and Swansea are up in the valleys, where the bracken is just turning rust brown and creating a stark contrast against the green turf. The open hillside can be just as visually striking as the autumn woodland.